Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Interruptions and Distractions

Well, I'm just a little frustrated right now. I've been away from the studio for two days, working on a guild newsletter. My humble goals for the week include machine quilting and binding my Willow Leaves and experimenting with a 3-pocket purse design. I knew Monday and Tuesday would be shot because of the newsletter, but that was ok. I got some little things attended to as well so that today I could start fresh and unencumbered.

I didn't have the most auspicious start to the day, however, and spent the rest of a slow morning working through some exercises in Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit. (I'll reference this book more in the future, I'm sure. I'm finding it very helpful.) Some good stuff to think about and I made a connection I hadn't before. I definitely felt it was good use of the hour or so I spent on it, and it left me invigorated.

Once I settled in the studio, though, my old nemesis, Indecision, came to call. This is not an important piece as such, so any fabric should do for the backing. Indecision decided to bring Perfection along, and I found myself searching for a more "perfect" fabric than just muslin. Wish I had a grey, but I don't. Mmmm, what's in this basket that might work? Nooo, not quit right. Well, I ended up poking around in my hand dyes, batiks, plaids, you name it, because now I was looking for more than backing. I'd moved on to something that might add spark to the piece through the binding. Auditioning went on for some time when really, I just needed to find any old thing for the back. Eventually, I got the muslin out and in the process looked at the browns stored with it. Oh good grief! Ok, I'll use this bit of print that looks like blades of brown grass because it has the same shape and feel as my leaves. I set to one side the candidates for binding , spray basted my layers together and realized I was out of time...

...Out of time because in the midst of this fabric search, I'd been interrupted by a UPS delivery. It was a book order placed on behalf of my guild and included an updated book for a class I'll be teaching in January. Had to check that out right away as well as carefully page through the other books I'd not seen yet. It was the wrong thing to do on two counts: My updated book did NOT include the method I'd planned to teach; and one of the other books was all about a method I'd been wanting to try - one I thought I was putting my own unique spin on, but instead, it was all right there in this book. So no matter what I did with the idea, it would just look like I'd been following this book. Talk about miffed and deflated on both counts!

So my experience today reminded me of my on-going struggle to stay motivated and on task and how difficult it is to put the little adversities of the day out of one's mind so that real work can get done. I managed to channel my irritation over the class book snafu into instant action that resolved at least a part of the problem - enough of it so that it isn't eating away at the corners of my consciousness and distracting me. As for the book detailing my "original" creative idea, I was put in mind of Carol Bryer Fallert's Stars of Africa which on the surface looked like just another "Stack n Whack" quilt, but of course was nothing of the kind. I concluded that I just need to pursue my idea anyway, and in my own way, and not worry about where others might assume I got it.

I'm hoping tomorrow will go better. That I can keep the distractions and interruptions at bay. That my little Willow Leaves piece will get beautifully quilted. That I will not let frustration get the better of me.

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Felicity Grace said...

How wonderful, I've just discovered your blog! I love the detailed descriptions of your process on AQL so it's great to have photos too!