Tuesday, January 01, 2019

And the Resolution Word of the Year Is . . .

. . . two words! Or perhaps we can call it a phrase. It's been something that kept flitting through my brain all of December once I realized it was getting that time of year and that, as has been the case most years, I struggled to remember what my current resolution word was. Oh yeah - "refresh" - which stayed in my mind about half the year I suppose. And actually, I did continue to look at things with a fresh eye during the months of limited use of my right arm and shoulder, unfamiliar pain and physical therapy. I had to come up with "fresh" ways of moving, sitting, accomplishing all sorts of everyday and mundane tasks, and my physical therapist prodded me to think about my body and pain in fresh ways. It may not have been in the forefront of my mind, but perhaps that notion of "refresh" was planted and operating in my subconscious all along.

But that was 2018. My imposed limitations ended up having a freeing effect on me overall, as I didn't have the energy or ability often to maintain my usual somewhat rigid and researched approach to life. I realized I was becoming more comfortable with just winging it to get through things. Once that thought came forward, I was uninterested in searching out any other word for the new year. Everything on my mind for the upcoming months feel like the sort of things best done by winging it. And so, my resolution word/phrase for 2019 is:  


I know. Shocking to those of you who have followed this blog for any length of time or know me personally. I am seldom a "wing it" person. I prep. I research. I consider all alternatives. I plan. I mull. But I must move along, feel a strong urge to get with it and not worry so much about consequences. Will I still find myself doing due diligence? Oh yes, I'm sure. But for the less important things, the fun things, the let's see what happens things, I'm going to try to set aside all that stuff I generally do (which is often just generated by fear and procrastination) and try to wing it a bit more. I'm hoping it results in a lot of things tried and accomplished and a big smile.

Sketchbook by Geninnne's Art
Two Christmas gifts I received have the potential to get me back in the studio more and sketching more. The first is a boxed set of cds, hours of a favorite author, philosopher and mystic of mine talking about his books and beliefs. I only listen to this sort of thing while working in my studio so there's a double pull I'm hoping will work towards re-establishing a regular studio practice. Fingers crossed. The second is this lovely leather sketchbook cover with moleskine insert. A cousin, who is quite artistic in her own right, bought one for each of us to use for sketching. We live too far apart to see each other much, but stay in touch the modern way, through the internet with the occasional old school letter through the postal service. We have gotten so close over the years, and I love this new connection we have with the twin sketchbooks. How can I not get busy and sketch when I know she is sketching away in hers as she takes her next trip? Throw aside every misgiving I feel when I think about picking up one of my many sketchbooks. We'll just wing it in this one as I've done with its very first page today.

Wishing you a marvelous start to the new year and everything you need to weather the rest of 2019. Let's make it a great year!

And if you are interested in reading about my previous resolution words, go to last year's post where there are links at the end to those older words.