Sunday, August 19, 2018

Update on Progress

Thought I should check in and let you know how things are progressing. I've had more PT sessions and the last one made a marked difference. However, I still find it difficult to find a painfree position for sleeping, and sitting can still make things hurt worse. I was able to run through my entire home yoga routine for the first time today so perhaps I can venture back to my class this week. No progress on getting the numbness out of my fingers but every little bit of improvement helps. Have ditched the muscle relaxants and pain pills - Advil seems to work just as well. I had an MRI of my neck on Friday and will find out tomorrow if it shows anything helpful when I have another session with the PT. I'm really enjoying the work he's doing to loosen up my neck and that machine that gently stimulates and warms the muscles over that shoulder blade.

As for my recycle bookbinding challenge, it too is showing slow progress. I've filled the lined pages with information, lore and poetry about dragonflies and cut and pasted in the images onto the facing handmade paper pages. All taking a lot longer than I expected it would. I have quotations and some images left over that I will add to the spreads with the teabags and am contemplating what I might be able to add by drawing. So much for a quick project I thought I could whip out in a few days! Actually, I could have put it together that quickly if I hadn't realized it would be difficult to work on the pages once they are sewn into the accordion folds of the spine. All the additions really must be made while the papers are still loose. I know at the time I thought all of that would come later after the book was all together. Yes, I'm learning as I go which is good.

There's not much escaping the smoke from the fires which continue to keep me inside (except for one brief afternoon when it cleared enough for a short walk). And I am certainly not alone, as your comments and the smoke maps plainly show. A good time to be laid up. And a good time for a little distraction from the local wildlife. This little cutie showed up one evening, looking all in the world like it had managed to get away from mom when she wasn't looking to venture out in the world and frolic behind my place.

The next evening, mom was along and this cutie was still full of energy and wanting to play. Not so much poor mom.

So when it couldn't get her to play along, it ran back and forth at top speed until it wore itself out. Entertaining indeed!


Anonymous said...

It sounds as if your PT & bookbinding are moving forward. Slow & steady wins the race, as they say. Whoever 'they' are! Hoping you find a comfortable way to get some healing sleep! Jan in WY

The Inside Stori said...

Sorry to hear progress is so slow in the health department…..but it does sound like they are narrowing down causes/options….as you are doing too with your bookbinding. Sure hope the fire situation improves too…...

Sherrie Spangler said...

Hope you get your aches and pains fixed soon! But like you said, with all the smoke outside this is a good time to be laid up. We canceled our Feet and Forks walk today because of the smoke.