Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Small Brag

Yesterday two quilts I'd sent off to the Evergreen Quilt Show in Green Bay, WI returned in the post. As I unrolled them, a blue ribbon tumbled to the table! Now I shouldn't get so excited - this is certainly not the first ribbon I've won - but there I was, screaming and jumping up and down. My "Wild On Birch Street" had won in the "Art-Surreal" category. I suppose I was so excited because I'd struggled so with this piece, and it had done nothing in another show.

The the doorbell rang. I raced downstairs to find my nieghbor standing there grinning. She too had entered a quilt in this show, returned in the same post, sporting a blue ribbon! So here we were, two grown women, screaming and jumping and hugging each other as we waved our prizes. Sheesh - good thing this was the middle of the day and most of the neighbors weren't home to see...


Dale Anne said...

CONGRATULATIONS to you and your neighbour!!!
Ribbons are always good no matter how many you've won before.

larin said...

Congrats on the blues to both of you! I entered a bunch of items in our local fair last year and remember how exciting it is! Of course I grew up doing 4-H, so it brought back lots of good memories... :-) But Congrats to you!


margaret said...

Congratulations! That quilt positively wriggles with surreality!