Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Back from Idaho

I've been back from my trip for several days, but have been putting off reporting in because I am still in limbo. Waiting for a call that will tell me whether or not I get the rental I fell in love with or have to continue looking from a distance. Absolutely no doubt in my mind, though, that Sandpoint is where I want to land. I tried considering other towns within an hour's drive of there, but they did not hold the same appeal. Not only is the scenery beautiful, but it has a visible art community, leaving me with the sense that I can be nurtured there in a way I could not elsewhere. Of course, based on the amount of time I spent sitting near the lake gazing into space, there's a chance I won't get anything done. The picture above is actually of Sand Creek as it flows towards Sandpoint. The covered bridge has been converted into retail space leased by Coldwater Creek up until a few months ago when they moved across the street into their own building.

During my stay I met a few people that feel like the start of new friendships, checked out the artist co-op, sampled the local wine and beer, dipped my toes in the lake and listened to activist trying to rally support to stop the dumping of chemicals to control milfoil. I drank in the beauty of the surrounding mountains, sensing how the vistas feed my soul. I whispered to the lake and the mountains and the town, "I'll be back for good soon."

And I will. I've established a relationship with a property management rep who is advocating for me on this house while actively searching for an alternative should it go south. Not exactly how I wanted to return, but not altogether disappointing. Just a bump on the road to relocating.

To take my mind off my troubles, I've spent the last three days preparing my Small Works II entry for shipping. Made a sleeve and label and sewed them on. Tweaked my bio, composed my artist statement, compiled my artist resume, took better pictures of "Wild on Birch Street" and tweaked them for printing. (We are allowed to send photos of two additional works to go along with the bio, resume & statement for the gallery notebook.) For an amateur, I don't look half bad. These are all the little busywork things I hate to do, that seem to take more time than they should, that sap my enthusiasm, but are essential if one wants to exhibit and sell work. Actually, it's a good thing to go through the process occasionally as it gives one a chance to re-evaluate direction and goals, give voice and focus to all those jumbled feelings bouncing about.

Of course, my time has also been taken up with reading back newspapers, e-mails and real mail. Buried in the stack of held mail that was delivered on Monday was a small padded envelop with return address of "Lowell Fiber Studio" which I figured had to be something to do with the Small Works II exhibit. And it was - postcards! Ah, now I feel I have arrived, if only momentarily. And by virtue of alphabetizing, my name is at the top of the list! If only they'd chosen MY quilt for the front, I'd really be flying high.

Back to reality, though. There's laundry to do, bills to pay, friends to catch up with. Still moving type things I could work on, even without a firm move date. How much studio work will I allow myself or be able to concentrate on or feel I must do to keep from going crazy? Some, I'm sure, before I feel I must pack it away. For starters, I can put the sleeve and label on "Silver Birches." Then putz a bit with the Chinese poem challenge. Maybe a handbag will get made in there somewhere as most of what I need for it is now assembled. I should have my answer on the rental by week's end, know whether I can call the movers or have to start trolling the listings again, so I suspect I should return to setting weekly goals starting next week.

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margaret said...

Fingers crossed that it works out! This sounds like a place that will feed your soul.