Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I'm still playing with June's image as altered in Paint Shop Pro, & am getting closer to a final design. A part of me would like to print one of these manipulations out on a piece of fabric and embellish with thread, but that feels like it would be skipping a step. I'm very close to pulling some fabric and giving a bit of fabric collaging a go. The latest play involve overlaying part of one manipulation over another. It's a start.

I thought those two points angling across another design would be interesting but it wasn't as pleasing as I thought. Guess I'm too into symmetry because adding another set angling the other direction across the ribbon-like rays pleased me more. I also rotated it as I see more of a landscape image that direction.

And I wondered what it would look like if it was tiled like quilt blocks set side by side. Pretty cool. But doesn't fit the theme I'm working with.

Next I considered removing the points at the top and layering it over another manipulation. Here it is over the straight rays that look part of a sky.

I liked this manipulation as the sky too, and in this version stretched the image to fit a new landscape orientation. I'm really drawn to this one.

Finally, I took my two favorite versions and changed them to grey scale. This confirms what I was sensing that the one with the rays is unbalanced in terms of values. I'd definitely use different colors/values in those side parts. We'll see which version wins out over the next few days. Oh, and I suppose I should show you June's painting (called Seeing Las Vegas 2) that started all this:


Deborah said...

It looks like you're having fun. These are all wonderful images.

June said...

What fun. Much better than the original -- all of them. Alas, I haven't been working on yours yet, but maybe I'll have to do some photoshopping as well.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks, Deborah - I'm either having TOO much fun or using this as an excuse to procrastinate!

June, I don't know about these being better than the original - just different. I'm having a hard time settling in with the actual project and wondered if you were experiencing the same. Sounds like maybe you are. Are our minds/attention someplace else this month?