Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hint of Spring

The plan was to spend the afternoon in the studio. I hadn't anticipated how warm it would get, how good the sun would feel after the cold wave and wind of the last few days. I took my lunch out on the porch, read the mail, couldn't make myself go back inside. So I took a walk, picked up branches from the storm, raked a few leaves blown up against the fences. My yard still looks pretty dismal, with only a few daffodils brave enough to bloom, but over at the neighbor's, these glorious tulips glow. Gives one hope...

Once I got my fill of fresh air and sun, I unpacked my sewing things from the trip, got out those stack-n-whack stars and figured out what I was missing. Turns out that had I given myself more time to go through the pattern and my piles, I only needed to include two strips of fabric already cut plus cut two more strips from that green. Oh, well - everything is cut out now and I'm ready to dive into piecing tomorrow.

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The WestCountryBuddha said...

It seems a little odd to think of you so very far away, but at the same time see your garden which is in the same state of spring development as mine! good luck with the piecing...knowing you they'll be a finished quilt to look at tomorrow.

I haven't even started my small piece to swap with you...sorry...I will try harder. Soon! :)