Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to the Dance

As is often the case, yesterday's work looked better to my eye today than when I stopped last night, but I still need to think about how I might make it more my own. And so, I totally switched gears and returned to "Dance." It's another one that was sidelined for further thought. I fused additional painted fusible along the top - a bit of sunset above the mountain backdrop is how I see it. Along with spools of thread, I'd set a couple of fabric scraps aside with this, and now I puzzled as to why. Ah, yes - I wanted to punch it up a bit, and toyed with the idea of adding green foliage and perhaps something that would look like flames or embers. Dancing by firelight, although the viewer will have to use imagination for that.

Since the top is covered with painted fusible, I snipped little shards of green and a sherbet orange to fall over the top, covered it with parchment paper and ironed. It looks like the shards will stay in place, and there will be some quilting over them as well. Starting to look like a party to me. Still pondering what color of thread will bring out my dancers. But I think I am ready to layer this up and start quilting.

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