Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Back when I was working on the Little Rogue piece, I'd gone down to the City Beach for a walk.  When I returned to the car, this feather was resting on the windshield.  I've never seen anything  like it, was really intrigued by that bright red shaft.  Anyone know what kind of bird it may have come off of?  It felt a bit prophetic, as if it was presenting itself for me to "float" on my fabric river, so I took it home with me.  Totally unsuitable for the art quilt that emerged, but I still wanted it around for inspiration.

Weeks later when I went looking for it, I couldn't find it.  I remembered placing it in one of the shopping bags in the car, so naturally, I now feared it had not made it out and was now long gone.  But today, while searching under a stack on a side table, it magically reappeared! It seemed a sign that this would be a good day...and it has been.

I now have it up on one of my boards in the studio, where it should have gone immediately in the first place.  I'm working on padfolios - trying an assembly line approach to making multiples rather than completing one at a time.  I do think it is speeding up the process.


BC said...

It's from a red bird. I'm positive.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Ah, BC, you're always so much help...
Actually, I've been told it's an osprey feather - imagine that.