Monday, January 24, 2011

Next Step

Here's the next step on my Strawberry Moon postcard-size "quilts." In the last post I mentioned that the Decor Bond used as stabilizer under the batting is turned fusible side exposed, or face down. Normally, I would add a fabric backing (fused to Decor Bond), and so that quilted-through Decor Bond provides the fusing. In this case, I did not add that extra fabric and somewhat regretted it. Because I used a thin polyester batting (Hobbs Thermore), I really needed a little more stabilization for that satin stitching - there was some distortion around the edges I do not get with the postcards. However, there is that exposed fusible that then holds the quiltlet to the "mount" so that it doesn't need pinning for the final step.

Which is - running a line of stitching next to the satin stitching to permanently attach the quiltlet to the mount. In this case, I used the same thread as was used to quilt around the moon. You may need to click on the picture for a larger view to see it - it is Sulky rayon ultra twist thread, and it is trying to hide from the camera.

The mount is fused to Decor Bond before this stitching. When first experimenting with this process, I tried finishing the edge of the quiltlet right through the mount, but the satin stitching caused some drawing up. The single line of stitching works better for me. I've penned my information directly onto the Decor Bond with a Pigma Micron permanent pen and treated the fronts with a UV protectant.

That's as far as I can go on these three for the moment, as the next step is trying a new method of wrapping them over stretched canvas, then mounting in a floater frame - and the supplies are on order.

However, I did have the mat and frame for Strawberry Moon 5 - the 5 x 7 inch version with no batting. Oh, I really like the way this looks (although the mottling of the cream mat doesn't show well in the photo), and it will go in a local art quilt exhibit slated to open in March. Or maybe it will end up in ArtWalk. Either way, one done for the looming exhibit deadlines! Tomorrow, I think I'm heading off in a new direction.

"Strawberry Moon 5"
5" x 7" textile framed
Sheila Mahanke Barnes 2011

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Chris said...

Funny thing I was searching for photos of a full moon and birch trees to inspire my next challenge quilt and I stumble upon your quilts! They are wonderful. I guess I am not the only one that likes the moon and birch trees.