Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Peek at "All Creatures Great & Small"

The opening reception last night for POAC's exhibit "All Creatures Great & Small" was so much fun. A good crowd came out, and we also had some adoptable animals from the local shelter wandering about. Well behaved dogs (and yes, one that had me rethinking my "no dog yet" policy) and a kitten doing what kittens do best - looking adorable. I took a few pictures after the crowds dispersed so you could see some of the variety a theme like this generates.

There are my padfolios in the case and Bill Klein's "chiken" watercolors: "A Bunch of Chikens," "One Big Chiken," and "A Chiken Chorus Line." Somebody's having too much fun.

Also submitting watercolors is Karen Robinson with "Airborne,"Toucan Can Too!" and "After the Bath."

This is acrylic on stone by Jan Welle. The copper and turquoise table that it rests on is called "Southwestern Table."

I absolutely love these photos by Rod Thompson. The top two feature sand dollars while the bottom one shows a starfish. You just can't see how wonderful they are from my picture.

More watercolors, and some natural salt lick stones shaped by the tongues of deer and elk.

There were several pastel artists, including JoAnn Sandifur with her cat portraits.

Oh my goodness, did we all get a laugh from Randy Wilhelm's mixed media offering, "Beer Fish." The one on top is adorned with beer bottle caps.

And the body made from flattened beer cans.

Here are some watercolor paintings by Jean Spinosa.

I believe these are acrylics by Dan Carpenter, and in the case, jewelry by Darlene Pfahl.

A closeup of Darlene's jewelry.

Acrylics/Mixed Media by Connie Spurgeon. The one on the lower right is called "Cereal Killers."

On the right are acrylics by Jim Furlong. On the left are acrylics by Mary Alderete.

These are perhaps my favorites - soft pastels by Teresa Fisher. I'm not really a cat person, but the variety of colors she used in the cat fur is a lesson in itself. Remember to click on any picture for a larger view.

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Sherrie Spangler said...

Deer licks! I love it, and they really do look sculptural.