Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Trip Home - Pompey's Pillar Inspiration

So here are my artsy shots of Pompey's Pillar and surrounding area, shapes and angles and textures that caught my attention. I have no idea how I can work them into an interesting piece of art, but like a sponge, I soak up images hoping some part of them squeeze out later.

In this and the top picture, you can see exposed different strata, smooth and not - how often do you think about what's under your feet, that there are layers there?

Bulges and cracks.

Shapes, curves, depressions.

I see at least one face in profile. Do you?

I also see a head on the left end of this large rock - it looks like an animal to me, maybe the mountain lion the Indians referred to.

At first I thought this was a log with bark still intact but on closer inspection it was definitely a rock.

More curves and shapes.

I have always had a fascination with tilted rock formations. I grew up in an area that was all tilted layers created by the formation of the mountains. Whenever I see this sort of thing, I want to take a picture.

There's that guy again. It reminded me of the logo of Fat Harvey's Truck Stop in Oregon.

And now the trees. Towering overhead.

The texture of the bark was oversized - I took the pic on the left to give point of reference. Big trunks, very tall, very craggy bark.

And yes, I like my curves.

But I like parallel lines too. This replica of a dugout canoe has design potential.

Once again, I'd done my sightseeing late in the day, so it was time to head for the motel in Billings. This Day's Inn was challenging to get to, as it was inexplicably located in an industrial part of town but it was one of the nicer motels I stayed in. Not a lot of outer ambiance but the rooms and Continental breakfast and spa were first rate.

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