Sunday, December 09, 2012


This is what it looked like standing on my back deck Friday - our first real snow.

Such fat fat flakes that stacked up to about 4 inches of the white stuff. Maybe now I can get serious about Christmas!

Progress continues but slowly on the unpacking and sewing front. My tables arrived Monday - two 6 footers that fold in the middle that are easy for me to carry, set up and move around. They should give me lots of flexibility.

I know there are products out there specifically to raise the level of tables like these, but I'd spotted these bed risers at a local store so decided to see if they would do the trick. They raise the table slightly higher than my old work surface which I think is a good thing. Have yet to actually get out the mat and cutter to see if indeed it is a good working height. If not, can anyone suggest alternatives and where I can find them?

I've stolen an hour here and there to continue work on the half-square triangle quilt. I've found the fabric set aside for the borders and have about half of the rows joined to each other. This is a much slower process than sewing the units into rows as I must pin every intersection. Had I not pressed all the seams open, I probably could have gotten away with "nesting" the intersections without the need to pin. Or maybe not. I think when I get to quilting I will be glad I don't have all that bulk at the joins. Or maybe not...


Cathie said...

Hope all is going well for you Beauty!
I do hope we get some fat fluffy flakes in
North Carolina this year. Not much to speak of last year. Your studio is coming along, your lovely quilt is coming along - now you must get started on that Christmas shopping. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Connie Rose said...

What I use to raise the height on worktables is equal-length pieces of PVC or ABS (ABS is the black plastic pipe). Just slip the poles over the legs, then set up the table. Works like a charm.

Margaret Cooter said...

Beautiful, the snow in the forest... We had some flakes here in London at the weekend, but they had melted before they hit the pavement and roads. It looks so much better with the tall trees!