Friday, April 26, 2013

A Little Applique & A Lot of Angst

Wonder Under, my Wonder are indeed a wonder. About 24 hours after fusing, I cut out my applique motifs and tentatively tried removing the release paper. Instead of scoring with a pin, I used the other method of rippling a small section back and forth between my fingers to see if any of the paper would pop. It did, I could get a fingernail under, and it pretty much came off without a glitch. Guess it's a good thing I didn't toss it after all.  I positioned the crescents by eye after removing the freezer paper under this section. (I'm keeping the rest of the paper pattern on until I join all the sections.)

Here are all the appliques ready for satin stitching. It didn't take nearly as long as the first round I did which I was grateful about. Judi had used yellow and red thread, not black, on two of these and I did not have a perfect match in my collection, but I think what I found is close enough. I've cut the backgrounds oversized as I'm not sure of the finished dimensions of these blocks yet. Depends on where they end up in the design.

That was yesterday. Today, the units of that paper pieced design got sewn together, the machine has been moved and I'm back to working out dimensions on graph paper, staring at the design wall, auditioning fabrics, moving things around and thinking. I was hoping not to have to do another applique block but I've got some pretty big gaps that may call for at least one more. Frankly, it was a frustrating day with no epiphanies, not much falling into place, although I did salvage a small leftover piece of that incredible border in just the right width to add below the two pieced blocks on the left. Beyond that, I need to let this sit overnight and try again in the morning with fresh eyes. Because at the moment, I am fresh out of ideas. 


Chris said...

It is looking great. I heard rumors that there was some bad wonder under a few years ago, but I am not sure if there was any truth to it. I have never had issues with it other than the one paper separating from the fusible stuff. I can't wait to see the quilt when you have it finished.

Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Sheila thanks for your postings, they are so beautiful and I like them because you write a lot about the process. For me it is very important knowing the how. Well, life is a constant how to do, isn't?
Last week I needed to do a bimensal final workpaper for one discipline of the Translation English Portuguese course I have been attended on Saturdays. I stared at the Word trying to remember how was the way to make the paper, academic way! It was very anguish too. Coincidently or no, I consumed many pieces of chocolate last week. It cost me 4 nights to do it, but I got it and send it on Friday! Such a release!!
Congratulations for your progress!