Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Life Circles Round

I'm sure you remember that guava dye run I said my friend Sherrie would be wanting to steal from me. Indeed she did want to, but was willing to settle for a few strips of each color to incorporate into her signature wispy summer scarves which you can read about here. I duly complied. As for me, I soon spotted these shoes on sale for a pittance, covered in fabric the exact colors of the dye run. Yes, they came home with me, with spring fun dressing up in mind.  

As Sherrie was making up the first guava scarf, she had a "life circles round" moment involving our recently departed artist friend, Judi (which you can read about here). And then last week, Sherrie's scarf of my guava fabrics arrived in the mail, a thank you and reminder of the ties between us and Judi who got me dyeing in the first place. Sherrie didn't know about the shoes and hoped I had something in my wardrobe to wear the scarf with. Well...yes! And life circles round once more.



Sherrie Spangler said...

This is just too much of a coincidence!

The Inside Stori said...

Fabulous scarf, fabulous shoes, fabulous story...I enjoyed reading Sherrie's blog as well......glad you both shared it.

Susan Sawatzky said...

Sherry, I was in Gig Harbor last week for the quilt show at the church. I had forgotten that you and Sheila were friends, I should have looked you up!

Sheila and I met online when I lived in Spokane and she was a good friend after my husband died. She invited me to visit and just let me talk.

I'm living in Port Townsend now so you and I are fairly close in distance. I love your quilts and thought they were the pretty much the only ones in the show that were interesting.


Chris said...

What a great story. Beautiful colors and scarf. Unfortunately I am not really much of a scarf person. I keep buying them, but hardly ever wear them. Kinda like hats...not really a hat person either.