Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Another year has snuck up on me...

Hey - 2014 - what are you doing here? No way all 12 months of 2013 have elapse already. I haven't begun to address all the things I figured I'd get to when I put together my "Reminders!" list in January. Sure, a few of them did get done, and of course, there were those unanticipated ideas and projects that just had to go to the head of the line. But really, I missed a lot of days of productivity for one reason or another, and it doesn't seem fair that just when I find my drive and energy return, 2013 decides it's done and gone.

So, 2014, you will have to be content with 2013's leftovers, cause that's what I put at the top of my plan for you. There were some pretty interesting and exciting things on that list, so you shouldn't feel too badly that I'm not coming up with "new and even more exciting" things to fill your days. I've jotted down a few specific things for January and already I sense my eyes are too big but it's all stuff I've put on hold for a couple of months. I'm rarin' to see those things done, curious to see how they play out. And then, then I hope to start on a series that is just for you, 2014. The long awaited "water series" feels ready to launch. Can you be ok with letting me tie up loose ends from last year knowing that I saved this series for you? I think we can do great things together and frankly, I'm so ready to get going.


Lucia Sasaki said...

HI Sheila!
Happy New Year!
I hope you had great times with your cherished ones.
I liked what you wrote about leftovers from 2013... because it is absolutely right. New year is a convention and our lives (mainly our plans, our learning experiences) doesn't agree with it.
I think each year adds layers in our experiences, for example, this year, if the good Lord allows me, of course, I am going to learn more ways to marbling paper, one of my greatest learning experience last year. Yes, I think that too much stuff is continuation, a sequence, or a flow.
By the way, thanks for posting and a great January for you.
I am curious about your Water series.

Pat said...

Happy New Year! May there always be a mix of finished projects, leftovers, and plans for the future. Always.

Chris said...

The leftovers do seem to continue from one year to the next. I don't tend to write things down that I need to work on or get done. I just take things as they come. I think if I wrote them down it would scare me as to how long that list is! I look forward to seeing what you do this year since you are so creative. I am curious about your "water" series.

Probably the one thing I should do this year is actually do a series. Maybe that will start by reading Elizabeth Barton's book!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Belated thanks for your insights and greetings.
Lucia, I look forward to seeing your continued exploration of marbling.
Chris, yes, those lists can leave me feeling overwhelmed and defeated before I ever start! Series can be great teachers and I am as curious as everyone else about my water series. ;-)
Pat, of course. Variety is the spice of life and we all need something to look forward to - the finished and the yet to be finished.

May we all have a great year!