Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Round Lake Tree Textures

I wasn't going to do it - take pictures of bark while walking around the lake on my birthday. Lord knows I have enough reference pictures of such, especially of the Ponderosa Pine which normally captures my attention. And then I saw this - looking all in the world to me as if the texture had been dabbed on with a paintbrush (click on pic for larger view).

Then there was this magnificent "painted" texture - could not resist these sinuous lines.

Here's a close-up of the same tree - almost like thick tresses.

And a different texturing near the base. The horizontal striations puzzle me.

This is a close-up of the base of that big old tree with so many branches. It too has the horizontal striations over the vertical texturing.

Drawn to the charring on this one.

The rest of the shots are all from this tree with the interesting "feet".

All these different textures from this one side.

And yet, when I walked around to view the other side, it was as plain as could be. Imagine that!


Lucia Sasaki said...

Happy Birthday, Sheila!
I hope it was a happy one for you.
Thanks a lot for sharing this tree.
Beautiful one, I liked the textures and lines and color.
It reminded when I chose the best angle to take my own pictures!!
Thanks again!

Chris said...

I love your tree textures. I think they would be fun to play with in photo shop and then have spoonflower print the fabrics.

Wil said...

Sometimes young trees are wrapped in something. Don't know what this stuff is called. Maybe that caused the horizontal striations?
Happy belated birthday!

Michele Matucheski said...

Yeah-- I have a soft spot for tree trunks, too. All that wonderful texture!