Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One Last Project

I was too smug about getting presents made and mailed for arrival by Christmas. In the midst of writing on cards, I realized there was one more person I'd intended to send a basket to. I should have checked my list twice! It goes to the family that sent me the Trader Joe's goodies and I knew it would be ok if the "little something" I'd planned to put together for them was a tad late.

I thought I was done with oval baskets after the ease and success with which the last rounds ones went together, but I was also sending along some books. An oval basket might fit in the box better.

Here's the fabric that went into it - the leftover tiger lily fabric strips from the last basket-making binge and a fat quarter of reproduction fabric that at this point looks unlikely to make it into a quilt.

Perhaps because of its smaller size, this oval basket did not give me the trouble the previous ones did. I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Still, it's more difficult to keep the wonkiness out of the oval bowl rims than the round ones for some reason, but I suppose it's mostly noticeable to me. This one measures about 8" x 6" x 2-1/2" high and was perfect to hold 6 of the cranberry streusel bars I made yesterday. It fit nicely in the box as planned, and I raced my belated Christmas package to the post office this morning so that it would be on its way before year's end.

And now with package off and blog posts caught up, I'm ready to settle in with some champagne to greet the New Year! 

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Amanda said...

That's such a pretty little thing, I'm sure they were thrilled. Happy New Year to you, I hope the creativity keeps flowing strongly.