Friday, January 09, 2015

What's Inside

Here is what got me moving on my recycled box book covers.

For reasons I can't explain, I decided to purchase a kindle version of Pam Carriker's Creating Art at the Speed of LIfe last April. From reviews and a "look inside" I determined it might have more detailed instructions of the art part of art journaling than what I was currently working through which seemed more focused on the journaling part. I think how reasonably priced the kindle version was became the deciding factor. Although I'd bought a mixed media sketchbook early in the year for more extended explorations, I noted that the first thing Pam guides you through is the making of a journal designed to accommodate the exercises in the book. Nice to have that info, I thought, but I really did expect to use that purchased journal. Of course, this was the same time as I was working hard on art quilts for ArtWalk and working through the Positively Creative art journaling exercises, so starting the lessons got put on the back burner. And being on my kindle essentially meant it was out of sight out of mind.

Additional deadlines came and went, summer lured me out of the studio and I became thoroughly entrenched in an epic fantasy trilogy book. Art journaling of all kinds never crossed my mind. By September, I was being drawn back to bookmaking with the urge and need to duplicate a handmade journal like I received in the exchange earlier in the year. With my interest renewed, I was hauling all those bookbinding and journaling books home from the library in late October, being reminded of the recycling of food boxes and setting the first ones aside in November without a clue as to how I'd use them.

Sheets of watercolor paper folded and ready for tearing

November was a funky month for me, full of days when I really didn't have much energy or feel up to par. I got a bug about the book on the kindle though, started reading through instructions and supply lists and now really interested in making my own journal per her instructions. Its finished size was smaller than I expected and a lightbulb went off. Could I use one of those boxes as the cover? Turned out that one of them was about the right size and I couldn't wait to buy some watercolor paper to make the signatures. I got as far as removing the sheets from the pad and making the first fold before the reality of the holidays set in. I can't remember if the gesso was bought before or after the paper, but the only reason I picked it up was to use on those food boxes that would become book covers.

Removing an extra inch by pulling along edge of metal ruler for deckle edge

So this project as been hiding out under my worktable, waiting for me to get back to it. With so many after Christmas sales and blowouts showing up in my mailbox, I decided this might be the perfect time to get out that supply list and see what I needed to buy. At least one thing on the list could be used on fabric, as previous research had informed me, and I could feel that fact pushing me towards a plan of exploration for my fiber art as well. More about all that later. Bottom line, it took a lot of months to get to this point, but slowly things came together and suddenly I felt ready and willing to get going. 

Another method of creating deckle edge with bone folder tearing along fold

And this is how I often end up where I do - taking one bit of an idea that starts to grow as more ideas present themselves, stringing themselves together until I suddenly know what I want to do. What will go inside at least one of the food box covers are these signatures for my art journaling play with Pam.

Weighting signatures


The Inside Stori said...

YEAH!!!!! BTW - GO PACK GO!!!!

Cathie said...

making your own book (for sketching, for quotes, for notes - for whatever) is so rewarding. so personal.
you will fill it, i am sure with delightful meanderings - in one form, or another.
Happy New Year… Beauty.

Chris said...

Well looks like you are off and running. I wonder if they have that book at my library....

You can make me one of those books while you are at it! I look forward to following your process on this.

Michele Matucheski said...

Beautiful deckle edges on that paper!