Monday, March 16, 2015

In A Quandary

Art Journaling lesson on monochromatic
Bad enough that my fountain wall quilt has presented many quandaries. I'm finding this spread for my next Creating at the Speed of Life presenting one as well. Since the critique sheet was planned for the left side of the spread this time, I put less paint where I knew it would go, more on the side to be collaged. First coat is my pre-mixed acrylic paint, textured slightly with a blot from a paper towel. My blotting was inconsistent and thus very little texturing happened and will mostly be covered anyway with my collage elements that I've been collecting and playing with in spare moments. Next I was to add some watercolor paint around the edges in a darker blue. I'm still getting the hang of this watercolor thing and had a few surprises there but found it fun even if it got away from me a bit.

I think I'm about ready to start adhering the elements and add handwritten text, but I keep looking at the other side, thinking how much I like it and don't particularly like what happened on the other side. I know - this is a tiny tiny quandary in the grand scheme of things. But I find myself carrying on an internal argument about which side of the spread to use. Just another part of the creative process!

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