Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Voices from the Closet...Again

While waiting for the beads to arrive (got notice they are one their way!), I've decided to finish up some padfolios. I have 5 covers (there are two of the moose one) that were printed out (gulp!) years ago, extras that I didn't need at the time but knew could be used later. Well, later is now as I have a couple of people showing interest in purchasing some for gifts. They already bought the two I had on hand and have been patiently waiting for me to feel up to making more. I think I'm up for it as there are so few decisions to be made - I'd even set aside linings to go with each - and most of what needs doing is sit-down work which suits my energy levels these days. Today the Peltex got fused to them so I can proceed with some "quilting".


The Inside Stori said...

I admire the great results you get printing photos.....I'm far less it's great to know it can be done!!! Wonderful cover material!!!

Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Sheila!
Thanks for writing.
Beautiful materials for your padfolios.
When you wrote about making so few decision making them I thought to myself that perhaps it is the difference between art and craft. Art is so personal (I always take notice of your dilemmas when you are making your artful pieces) and craft, at least to me, is so relaxing (when I make my coptic sewings I relax so much because in the most the moviments are repetitive).
Thanks for sharing!!

Lucia Sasaki said...
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The Idaho Beauty said...

I credit the printer I bought specifically to do this printing on fabric. I think it is partly due to the pigment ink (rather than the dye ink in most inkjet printers). You need no pre-treating of the fabric for it to adhere and stay put - archival and supposedly lightfast out to 100 years. The colors are so bright and the images so sharp that sometimes they look like they were printed on photographic paper. I could not be more pleased with my Epson Workforce 1100. I certainly was not getting quite this good of an image with my other more standard Epson & experienced some fading of colors even on pre-treated fabric.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Lucia, you make an interesting distinction between art and craft. You are partly right about my comment of few decisions. The "artful" decisions were made on the computer before printing. I'm following a pre-determined pattern and sequence for construction so no technical or design issues to consider. The only decision left is the thread colors for the stitching, and since some of these are duplicates of ones I've made before, I can reference photos to see what threads I used. So it IS down to the more relaxing repetitive and sometimes meditative movements. Thanks for your insight