Thursday, September 03, 2015

A Quick Sketch

For all my good intentions, my sketching keeps getting pushed to the back burner. On days when I'm out and about and thinking I will stop and sketch that architectural feature today, well, I find reasons not to, including the lame one of just not feeling like it. I have found it an excellent idea to keep my architecture sketchbook and pencil case in the car to eliminate at least one of those excuses - I forgot to grab my sketchbook.

So yesterday, there I was in the semi-big city for a doctor's appointment, nothing else to take advantage of there, except the fact that it has a Dairy Queen and my little home town does not. I'd had a craving for a Blizzard for several weeks so decided this was my chance to treat myself. I'd tossed in my other sketchbook where I've been sketching comfort food, thinking to do a quick sketch of my Blizzard cup that I could finish with color once I got home. I did and I will, but as I then enjoyed my treat, sitting in the car in the DQ back parking lot, thinking this was not the best of views, I spotted a spindly black spire atop a church steeple beyond the vacant lot.

The church itself was somewhat obscured by trees but from what I could see, it didn't strike me as the style one would expect to see a spire rising from. The steeple must be a bell tower - the black x's actual openings in its side. That slender BLACK spire was striking against the cloudy sky. I could not resist.

I'm still pondering whether to add a bit of color - the walls were a light sand - just a value lighter than the toned paper - and I'm tempted to fill in the trees with green. But perhaps I'll just leave it alone.


Susan Sawatzky said...

a soft small splash of green through the tree area might make a flat drawing come alive?

You could try it on a blank piece of paper first to see if you like it or not.

The Idaho Beauty said...

That IS what I had in mind, Susan. I haven't been too successful in figuring out how to show dense foliage with just pen yet. And shading is a bit tricky with this particular pen as it is not a fine point one. But I did think maybe a little watercolor judiciously added might give the effect.

Fran├žoise said...

I really like it without colour. The church stands out well. If you colour the foliage, maybe it won't be the case anymore.
Or... How about making a second sketch and colouring it? So you'll have both, and you'll be able to decide what you like best.

The Inside Stori said...

Yes, yes…..please do keep up your sketching…..honestly….it’s really good!

DQ Blizzard……we’ve figured out how to order one that nearly duplicates the taste of our beloved (and calorie filled) Culver’s Concrete - flavored with Chocolate & Malt. You may NOT want to know! Thankfully, we nave neither a DQ or Culver’s nearby….so those treats remain ‘treats’, rather than daily fares which would not be good for the waist!

Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Sheila!
Thanks for updating, your postings always are a delicate portrait of a different United States I watch on TV.
When I saw your sketch I tought to myself:is it a church? Where's the cross? Perhaps is it a Mormon church?
I think your sketch is beautiful as it is shown, if you colored you will repost it?
Thanks again!!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Francoise, thanks for your input - I really am feeling that I should leave it alone, although Susan couldn't help herself and sent me a version she'd played with in Paint, just adding a little "watercolor pen" to the foliage. It has its merits too. Wishing that this sketch had been on the left instead of right side of the spread. That would make doing a second sketch to then color a lot easier to do, and being able to see the versions side by side would be very cool.

As for the church perhaps not standing out as much if the trees were colored, that reminds me that I thought to highlight the steeple with a light sand color which should keep it the focal point amidst the greenery. I guess it would be worth my while to sketch it again to try these additions. Because in reality, the more I look at this plain version, the more I like it and don't want to sully it!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Mary, thanks - I do feel my sketches are improving. It helps that you don't get to see what my subject REALLY looks like. ;-)

I may have to hit you up for your DQ secret. I was a little disappointed in mine, having chosen one of the candy lover ones instead of the Pecan Turtle one which may have had more oomph. I'm thinking they don't put nearly as much of the featured additions to the ice cream as they used to (can't even remember what I used to order - it's been decades!). However, the vanilla ice cream tasted just like a remember soft dipped cones tasting, very distinct and yummy, so it wasn't a total loss. Just wish there's been more Heath bar chunks in it! Because really - there are several non-chain places to get really good ice cream treats right here in Sandpoint! I look the other way when I walk by because yes...the calories. :-)

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thank you, Lucia. It had not occurred to me that I was giving you a window into my locale, especially one that shows a different spin than you might see on TV. But I should have thought about that because following your blog with your photos of the trees, birds and buildings of your area does the same for me. If I redo this in color, I will be sure to post it.

Now, I must tell you that you astound me, Lucia! I was going to reply that you don't very often see crosses on most modern churches, at least not on the steeples. At least, that's my impression, although now I'll be more observant about it. I didn't drive over to see what denomination church this was but assumed it was probably Presbyterian or Lutheran or maybe even Methodist. No, I thought, I'm sure it isn't a Mormon church. But you got me curious so I used Mapquest to track it down. Unbelievable - you are right! It IS a Mormon church!

Lucia Sasaki said...

Dear Sheila, thanks for answering me.
You know, here in Guarulhos city we have some buildings of the Mormons and one thing that always called my attention is that they don't have crosses, they have this kind of needle structure. So, when i saw your drawing i thought to myself: hummm... is seems to be a Mormon church... so, Gotcha!!
Have a great weekend!!

The Idaho Beauty said...

That is fascinating, Lucia. I wondered what tipped you off & didn't realize this kind of black spire was a constant feature of Mormon churches. I will have to be more observant in the future! May you have a great weekend too.