Sunday, October 04, 2015

New Along My Route

Not a lot changes along the various routes I take on my daily walks out my door. So I was surprised to see several new attractions last month which had me asking questions. Take this trailer that showed up on the grounds of the animal shelter, for instance. Not in a vacant lot next to it, but in a specially prepared space in the parking lot. Now I understand that food trucks or carts are all the rage, and my area has its share, but you have to admit, setting up a Taco Stand next to the animal shelter building does seem an odd juxtaposition. Maybe even making you wonder where they are getting the meat for the tacos. Not to worry - this is a no-kill shelter! I'm guessing they've made some kind of arrangement for a portion of the sales to be donated to the shelter.

Then there's this plane that appeared, soaring over the top of a group of industrial buildings. From the street, I couldn't tell quite what it was, so walked back in for a closer look.

It sits in front of a welding shop, and on closer inspection, is not a plane at all but a clever fusion of car and other parts to make it look like one. Cleverly named "Fishback Air" - if you click for the larger version of the photos, you can make out the "scales" on the tail section.

Oh, my - someone definitely had too much fun with this!

And then there are the boats sporting for sale signs showing up in the parking lots of unrelated businesses. Apparently this is a thing, as I spotted two instances of this within a few blocks of each other. It's the end of the season, boats are notorious for sucking up money, and perhaps these owners decided it was best to be done with this rather than store the toy for another winter.

Speaking of unrelated items for sale showing up in business parking lots, this mini-trailer has been parked for awhile near a drive-through coffee place, in front of the building that until this summer housed a natural foods cafe.

Cute does not begin to describe this! I was oddly tempted by it, even though camping is not my thing. But somehow, I could see myself pulling it behind my Subaru as I checked out state and national parks.

I think it's the solar power that's making me think I want this. Here are the panels on the back. I wish I could see what it is like on the inside, as I try to imagine the configuration for sleeping and wondering what else you could do in there. Once I saw that, I no doubt would lose interest altogether!


The Inside Stori said...

What treasures you spotted…….I’m sure that makes your walk far more interesting and mind provoking.

The Idaho Beauty said...

It certainly helps, Mary, since a major portion of the main route is along a busy street zoned mostly commercial. Not the most inspiring was my thought when I first moved here. But like anything, if I keep my eyes and mind open, interesting things can present themselves. It helps to have a quirky sense of humor, i.e. warped brain!