Monday, March 14, 2016

Meet Princess Myrna

I promised you one last post on the POAC Exhibit, one highlighting a single piece that drew me in like no other. Part of the LittleBig section, it is this sculpture called "The Arrival" by Steve Gevurtz (it is his "big" entry, the bust in the foreground his "little" entry).

When I was taking my pictures, it was not fully in place and again I was thwarted by bad lighting (the picture at the top was pulled from POAC's Facebook page). So the color is a bit off and it is hard to see all the details. I'm hoping her beauty and power come through anyway. My first thought when I saw it from a distance was that it reminded me of sculptures from the Art Nouveau era. When I got around to reading the artist statement (posted at the end), I could only smile. If you remember my reason for picking "light" as my resolution word, you may smile too. I'd found someone else searching for compassion and kindness to take hold in our troubled world. From here, I'll let the artist speak for himself. (You no doubt will have to click on the pictures for a larger view in order to read his statements.)



MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Sheila. Glad I found a moment to stop by--you've been showing such exquisite exhibition work, just breath-taking. This is what always gives me the courage to keep moving forward and to get back to my own work. Thanks so much for mentioning my work in your "A word please" post. You expressed so well my own feelings about discouragement and hope/light. And it looks like things may be working out...hopefully there will soon be good news. Take care. best, nadia

The Idaho Beauty said...

Forgive my belated response - it was so good to hear from you and know that you were finding my postings of interest and inspiring. I often work in such isolation and while it's good to have limited distractions, the lack of interaction with other artists and their art can leave one floundering. I think that's one of the things I love about blogs - there's my inspiration to move forward when I see what my blog friends are up to. And then when there are these local exhibits - even better!

I find it almost spooky how many places I am now running into the same sentiments you and I and the maker of Princess Myrna have expressed and this need to bring light into what feels like a darkening world. We certainly are not alone in those perceptions! I hope by now you have received good news and that your corner of the world is lighting up a bit. I'm encouraged by the tone of your recent blog posts and await your update.