Saturday, August 20, 2016

Panhandle Piecemakers Festival of Quilts - Part 1

I promised to share some of my favorites from the recent local quilt show put on by the Panhandle Piecemakers, and here they are. Please click on any photo for a larger view to fully enjoy the details in these quilts. Let me first say that it has been too long since I've attended a judged quilt show, so was immediately struck by all the ribbons! At the exhibits I'm involved in, no ribbons are given, the "red dot" indicating a sale our near equivalent perhaps.

This first quilt caught my eye because of those lovely quilted feathers. It took me awhile to realize that the quilts in this section were part of a guild challenge, one where the color palette and featured block would be determined by the quilter's initials. What a clever idea! What would your quilt look like if you took this challenge?

This is another one from the challenge. Several things about this appealed, from the central portion of the quilt being surrounded by an unusually large expanse of light solid fabric, to the colors in the blocks, to the way an oh so familiar traditional block was transformed into something quite modern in feel by the placement of those colors.

It shouldn't be a surprise that I liked this quilt. Mariner Compass quilts have always been a favorite and I've made my share of them. Love the colors and the pairing with the flying geese blocks. Many of the quilts in this show did use commercial patterns as their jumping off point, and there's no shame in that. I used to be quite familiar with what was out there and so could recognize how closely a quilter had adhered to the design and its suggested colors but I am no longer in that loop. So I can't tell who to credit for the palettes in many of these quilts, the maker or the designer. Regardless, one can see the work and expertise of the quilter in these, and this along with others brought a smile to my face. That's the important part in a show like this.

I thought this one quite lovely and then noticed where the idea came from - a painting, a postcard of it displayed as well for comparison. I think she did a fine job of rendering it in fabric.

I've not used this particular technique, although I am familiar with it. I think it was a great choice.

I am SO not a cat person, but how could I not be impressed with this beauty?

The hand painting topped off by exquisite quilting brought this cat alive.

And here's one for the dog lovers - another quilt that brought the biggest smile to my face. I know several Corgi owners who are so enthusiastic about the breed even as I sort of scratch my head at the love for these short-legged canines. 

Yet, I felt this quilter really captured that love in a beautiful tribute to her own Corgi.

As a fan of Celtic designs, I was quite taken with those additions to the quilt. And the fairies? Well, I did not know that bit of legend.

Ok then. After you spend time soaking in these quilts, stay tuned for more in the next post.


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