Saturday, August 19, 2017

Signs and Other Oddities

The last time I'd been to the library, I noticed a change in one of the display cases in the foyer. Upon closer inspection, I discovered it was a grouping of things left behind in the building or the parking lot. I was wishing I had a camera with me mostly because of one particularly amusing item, and so when I returned this week, my camera came along too.

There are eyeglasses and sunglasses. I get leaving behind sunglasses, but what are these people doing without their readers? Can they pick up replacements so cheaply that they can't be bothered to track down where they left these?

There are baseball caps (though no "Make America Great Again" ones) and since my last visit, a bright red plastic fireman's hat.

Lots of water bottles, a jacket, backpack and bicycle helmet. How do you NOT go back and look when you get out to your bicycle and realize you have no helmet to don?

And how do you not notice your child is missing a sparkly shoe when you walk out the door with her?

Many items were found abandoned in the children's section. Surely someone is missing these two. And really, how rad a dad must the dad be that was given that baseball cap that now awaits claiming?

I have to wonder if that book with the beautifully and artfully fold pages was not left for the librarians to enjoy. Thank goodness it was not done to one of the library's books in circulation.

But this was the item that amused me the most, a package of catnip, organic of course. People in this area are really into natural and organic things. But why would you have a package of catnip with you that ultimately gets left behind here? A staff member cleared that up for me. Apparently, a patron had been using it as a bookmark and forgot to remove it before returning the book. Wonders never cease...

I applaud the clever librarians who, tired of the growing number of items in their lost and found bin, put together this display.

As I turned to enter the library proper, I discovered more clever signs. The library has just begun an expansion project, so exciting to know how well-used and important it is to the community that they just have to have more space, and because of careful planning, they can afford to do it without a great ask of money.

But as with any remodeling project, it will cause a bit of disarray, as pointed out by this sign on the entrance door. Be sure to read the fine print on this and the following signs.

Well, of course they will help. They always do!

And my favorite, perched above the "new arrivals" display. Someone had a lot of fun with this.

As I wandered through the downstairs, I arrived at the place where a wall has come down and construction has started on the other side. This will take awhile, but it will be so lovely once it is finished. Can hardly wait!

Clever signs did not end inside the library. Someone has been having fun with a couple of stop signs nearby. Never have a camera with me when I've passed these before, but this day I rectified that.



The Inside Stori said...

Such an interesting post… the humor and was fascinated by the ‘folded’ book….

Lucia Sasaki said...

Thanks a lot for showing the library you use, Sheila!
So beautiful... I am most sorry for the forgotten doll and plush bear. If I was one of them I too would want to go home.
How good the library will be enlarged, it is testimony that the community use it well.
Thanks for giving me, a Brazillian librarian, some snipets of well loved northamerican libraries!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks Mary and Lucia. Glad you enjoyed seeing a bit of the library and its librarian humor. I've run across folded books before and think it is a little like origami. Another way to save a book that otherwise is destined for the dust bin.

Lucia, when I first moved to this small town of 8000 people, I feared the library would also be small and not be carrying the sorts of books I look for. I was so surprised to find a large and relatively new building full of books, computers, cds and dvds. The foyer is used as a place for kids to hang out after school (the high school is within walking distance) and there's a community meeting room as well, though it is quite small. I've gone to several free talks given there and it is such a nice feature. The expansion will not only allow for more books but also for more community meeting space and spaces for the kids. Yes, this community uses its library a lot and is very excited about having even more reasons to come there!