Monday, November 28, 2022

Class Work

Not a lot to show for the week, but I did hunker down and work through the rest of the first week of videos in that on-line colored pencil class. The video I'd originally watched but seemed to be missing finally showed up farther along in the class, so yes, they revamped things a bit. There are 4 people giving instructions and it's a little disconcerting that they often contradict each other on how to use these pencils, but I'm seeing how trying out the different ways is leading me to decide which is working best for me. There was more instruction on shading and blending, this time with combinations of colors, and a section on using a blending stick or tortillon. It noted that you could substitute a q-tip for the blending stick, and I got the best results using that. As a wrap up to the week, we were encouraged to use our newfound skills to color in our choice of two sketches we could download. As you can see, I haven't gotten very far on mine.

There were a couple of hours devoted to interviewing two of the teachers which didn't add practical knowledge to what had already been shared in my opinion. Felt a bit like wasted time. So as I listened, I decided to swatch out my Inktense pencils. I'd already done that on a strip of watercolor paper when I first got them, keeping that strip in the tin with the pencils, but I enjoyed this additional swatching and having everything in one place. Think I will also swatch a few examples of blending some of the colors.

My Handmade Book Club is presenting another 5 day challenge starting today, and me being unable to resist, have gathered supplies to make this small coptic binding journal. But that Peace quilt was still spread out on the work table waiting for me to square it up and I definitely need that space to work on this book. Incentive enough to quit putting it off, and to my relief, this one was not as difficult to square up as the first one was. Plus I realized that the extending backing I was trimming off was wide enough and long enough to piece together for the binding. I don't think I've ever had that happen before but I am happy about it! I've set all that to one side but with the book making divided into 5 short sessions, there may be time to cut and piece the binding and even get the binding sewn on. We'll see how organized and focused I can be.

Hoping you all had the Thanksgiving you were wishing for. I did, including swapping the traditional turkey for ham. As I checked in with friends and family, I discovered many also had non-traditional menus, all sounding very yummy. There has been snow, and more snow today, so I hope you and yours also had safe travel over the holidays. I'm so happy I had nowhere I had to go!


The Inside Stori said...

Impressed with how well you are using your time…..always striving for new techniques and conquering them!!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a productive week doing your online class. Getting ideas about a subject from several points of view is a helpful way to find which method works best for each learner. Onward to journal binding! And good for you 'finding' enough fabric to piece your binding! We've had a couple of inches of snow & our temperatures are dropping to single digits for the next few days. Stay warm! Jan in WY

The Idaho Beauty said...

Well, Mary, I still feel like a waste a lot of time, but having a specific project often helps me use my time more wisely. :-)

Jan, we are having a real snow day today with estimated totals as high as 16 inches, although right now early afternoon I don't think it's more than 6 even though it has been steadily snowing all day. Will pick up more apparently over the next few days while temps not as cold as yours but close. Winter has definitely arrived, and since I have nowhere I have to go and the landlord supplies snow removal from the driveway, walkway and steps, I'm quite content with it. You stay warm too and safe!