Thursday, May 18, 2006

100th Post

When I started this blog last fall, I wasn't sure how often I'd be posting. I made a promise to update it at least once a week. I also made a promise to not let it be one more diversion from "doing the work."

I was a little surprised this week to see how close I was getting to having posted 100 entries. This is number 100. I think that works out to about 5 posts a week, a pretty good record I think for someone who thought once or twice a week might be a stretch. I wasn't sure if I'd run out of things to say, but I shouldn't have worried. I didn't know if it would actually be helpful committing to something like this, but I find it has been very helpful. I'm not sure how helpful or interesting it has been to those of you who follow it, but by the occasional comment I get, I know some of you are faithful and think me worth your time. Thanks for that!

I thought my comments and journey would be all about contemporary work, but soon found that I couldn't shirk my traditional background that easily. Documenting what I've been working on, whether traditional or contemporary, and the feelings I have during the process has led me to insights I might not have seen
otherwise - at least not as quickly. It has helped me see what I need to leave behind and where I seem to be headed. It has not gotten in the way of the work, and in fact, has kept me on track and moving forward.

One hundred is a fairly big number, so I started thinking about how that number relates to me:

  • 100 years - How long I hope to live and still be producing beautiful work.
  • 100 quilts - A few years ago, I actually tried to count up how many quilts I'd made up to that point. It was one of those questions people seemed to ask for no good reason, but I was curious. My figure was around 75. I'm sure in the ensuing years I've made at least 25 more, especially if you count journal quilts.
  • 100 days - About how many days I have left to find a place out in Idaho if I want to be moved in September.
  • 100 ideas - I must have at least that many for more quilts I want to make, both traditional and arty.
  • 100 trivial and not so trivial things to share - Yes, I'm sure I have at least that many more blog posts in me.

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