Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Oh, My!

I was not being totally honest when I alluded to the fact I'd used up all the mixed and diluted paint from my paint play sessions. I actually had quite a bit of the brown and a smidgen of blue which sat on the bathroom counter teasing me. After about a week of getting irritated with the cart that was very much in my way but not moved back out into the hall because I was delaying putting everything away until I did something about that paint, I dug out the last piece of muslin, accordian-folded it, then did the triangle fold thing. Squirted the brown directly from the bottle along the edges and between the folds, squeezing the wetted fabric to help the paint disperse and spraying it with more water. Then I did the same with the blue, only this time running it along the inner folds and then squiggling it here and there until no more white showed and all the paint was gone. And since this was Setacolor paint, I couldn't resist setting it outside in the sun. That undoubtedly accounts for the really dark areas along one side.

The hardest part for me on this sort of process, be it with the paint or with immersion dyeing, is the wait until you can unfold the fabric and see what has happened. I waited until the next day, and then - my oh my! This is the sort of thing that makes my heart race, but then leaves me stumped as to what to do with it. I love this color, the way it shaded, the geometric design caused by the folding. And look what I found peeking out at me. Actually, there were two. The other looked more like a wolf face, but this one reminded me of a smiley face. There are other sections that one could construe as mask faces. This turned out very cool. Click on either picture for a larger view.

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