Sunday, June 11, 2006

Progress on Irish Eyes

I was waiting for a phone call today, and since I don't have a separate line for my internet, that meant staying off the computer for awhile. So I started sewing the foundation-pieced sections of Irish Eyes. These 3 x 6 inch units are like stretched flying geese and act a bit like sashings between the 6 inch blocks. I got half of them done and arranged so you can see how the design is building. I'm quite pleased with the way the colors are working together.

As I mentioned in the previous post, rather than using one block as the original pattern prescribed, I looked at the finished top and broke it into units that made more sense to me in terms of ease of construction and elimination of unnecessary seams. The picture to the left is cropped to show what the original block pattern was. It made little sense to me to have those white areas butt up to each other when they could be a single piece of fabric. I also thought of the nightmare piecing where those points would meet and the bulk it would create. This, I think, will piece together much more smoothly, especially since the seams in the 4-patches and 1/2 square triangle units have been pressed open.


Pat said...

Beautiful. My eyes are in constant motion.

margaret said...

This is an example of a traditional block working to advantage - reforming itself as your eyes move around - and the colours enhance that. It must be sheer pleasure to work on this one!