Monday, May 14, 2007

Goals for the Week of May 14

I found myself writing at the top of my weekly goals list, "GET ORGANIZED," and so that is what I did today. After a busy weekend, I felt particularly unfocused this morning, and the state of my studio coupled with a feeling of chagrin as I saw what didn't get done last week inspired me to go beyond my usual 15 minutes of ritual preparation.

First I decided it was time to clear the work table of fabrics I definitely will NOT be using in the angel quilt. I've gotten so many wonderful responses to my request for opinions regarding background fabrics, and also some thoughts on bordering strategies (see this post). Besides polling my blog readers, I also asked, via e-mail, 6 of my Wisconsin quilt friends )who used to be close enough to come right over to give me advice), and, of course, members of my church during coffee hour. This last group's reactions were particularly interesting since none of them are quilters or even artists. But as I've noted before, they are certainly art savvy. The women seemed more drawn to color & mood than the men. It was highly amusing to watch husbands correcting wives' choices by pointing out lack of contrast between the angel's gown and some of the backgrounds. I'd say overall, the first two backgrounds got about equal number of votes, with a handful going to number 4, that lovely mosaic which in fact was my secret favorite. Number 3 was a clear loser. (But it might make a nice backing...)

Of course, all of this discussion also brought up additional possibilities, so while I put fabric away, I also pulled out a few additional ones. I'll write more about this in a separate post. For now, suffice it to say that auditioning has moved from the table to the design wall, and I spent some time staring, considering and pondering. I haven't finalized a thing, but I'm less confused than I was and excited by some new options.

Next I completed the documentation files for the last two quilts I completed. I'd printed off pictures, so those were attached to my form, along with swatches of fabric and stitching samples. The little bits of information filled the appropriate blanks and I could at last file these forms in their notebook. A goodly portion of my table top was now visible for the first time in weeks. Unneeded scraps found the wastebasket, rulers made their way to their holder and scissors, rotary cutter, pens and pencils slipped into their basket. Ahhhh....semi-order at last!

I was about to take a break, but I was feeling too energized not to do one more thing. I'm hoping to find time this week to make a small bag from a pattern I recently purchased. It requires fusing the outer fabric and lining together before any sewing proceeds. I'd left the Wonder Under from the angel out so I could do this, and this was my first chance. I fused the pocket piece which is using one of my leaf print trials - see picture below. It felt like a good start to insure that I follow through on making it before the end of the week.

There are small scraps of Wonder Under in a pile on the table, also left over from working on the angel. I saved them with the idea I could put some paint on them and use them in my next journal quilt. I think that will get done this week too.

I've probably put too much on my list, but I was feeling ambitious today, or at least tired of not getting more done. Here's the complete list - wish me luck:
  1. GET ORGANIZED! (Working on it...)
  2. Catch up documentation files. (Done!)
  3. Rough out border design for Angel quilt and finalize fabric choices. (Made a few sketches today and getting closer on the fabrics.)
  4. Paint interfacing for journal quilt.
  5. Sew organizer bag using leaf print.

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