Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nifty Little Wallet

Here's the bag that was on my goals list this week. The pattern is from Bits 'n Pieces and called "Knick-Knack Sack." It's really pretty simple, but I have so struggled with purses and bags, especially when it comes to inserting zippers. If someone else has figured it out, why should I waste my time re-inventing the wheel?

The pattern includes two sizes of zippered wallets. This one is the larger one and is about 8" by 4-1/2". It went together like a breeze (zipper included). Kudos to the designer for putting together directions that are accurate and easy to follow. I can't tell you how many times I've used hurriedly produced patterns with errors or minimal instruction, and it is so irritating. No wonder many beginning quilters get frustrated; when they work with a faulty pattern, they think the problem is with them, certainly not with the pattern.

The outer and lining pieces are fused together before sewing proceeds. No particular brand was recommended, so I used Wonder Under, which left the bag with good body but made the lower corners with 6 layers very difficult to turn and push out. If I were to make a suggestion to the designer, it would be perhaps to recommend a fusible. I'm wondering if something a little lighter might be better.

I see great potential for this simple design. Here I've used my leaf stamped fabric for the pocket. My fault that the leaves are trapped in the lower seam - I was thinking 1/4" seam allowance when in fact the pattern used 1/2" but with care, I can see how small pieces of specialty fabrics could be showcased in that pocket, or even in the body of the bag. I'm sure I'll be trying out more ways to use up little experiments in a practical fabric wallet!

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