Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Age Old Sign of Hope

No brief rainbow this. We've had several days of very cool weather with much needed rain, but today was just a tad warmer and decidedly drier. As it got closer to the evening walk time, I noticed sun and mostly clear skies one direction, but some ominously dark clouds looming in the other. Oh, bother, I thought, as I stepped out the door and saw that it was sprinkling. I slipped on a slicker and hoped the sprinkle wouldn't turn into a downpour.

And it didn't. And without sprinkles, you would never see beautiful rainbows like this. When I first noticed it, it was weak and partial. By the time I circled round on my route, it had exploded into a full double rainbow stretching from behind those trees, up and over into the lake. So I stood and gazed, drank it in, waited for it to fade, but it just got stronger. Eventually, I realized I had time to get my camera. Fifteen minutes later it was still there and I eventually gave up and went in. What a delightful sign after a few dreary days!

By the way, I'd never noticed before that the colors in a double rainbow are arranged mirror image of each other.

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