Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Angel Update

I'm off tomorrow for an extended weekend away with friends, but before I go I thought I'd reassure you that work continues on the angel quilt even though I haven't been talking about it. Quilting has begun, first with some stabilizing stitching in the ditch, and now the scrolls are quilted into the arbor section. If you click on the picture above, you can see some of the stitching, done with Oliver Twist Hand-dyed thread.

The white on the left is a freezer paper template. I use freezer paper for a number of things to aide me in my sewing and quilting. Here I have ironed it to the top and will use it as a guide, quilting next to the edge. This eliminates having to mark the top before layering, and also the sometimes problematic chore of removing the marking once the quilting is done.

This is my first time trying out Jenkins Freezer Paper Sheets. I've always just used the freezer paper you buy in a roll at the grocery store. It's cheap and lasts a good long time. But the last roll I bought was thinner and didn't stick as well to fabric as my previous roll. This creates all kinds of problems, especially when I use it to stabilize fabric to run through my printers. Jenkins sheets are definitely heavier weight and ran through my Epson printer flawlessly. And my templates definitely stuck better to the fabric and did not pop off even though I was moving the quilt around, not keeping it perfectly flat. It may be more expensive than my grocery store roll, but I'd have to say it is money well spent for these kinds of applications.

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