Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Being Domestic...

...and getting ready for a brief trip. And dealing with additional canine health issues. Sheesh. So have had to neglect the studio. I'm not happy with taking this break. On the other hand, I've been enjoying some time in the kitchen to make jam of the raspberries patiently waiting in the freezer, chutney from apples picked weeks ago, banana bread for a church open house. Dog hair has been vacuumed up, bathrooms cleaned, some laundry done, this and that taken care of inside and out. Tomorrow I make pie to take as my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner with friends, and figure out what I have to pack.

We're experiencing another cold snap, but missed getting the predicted snow. The slough is iced over so you won't be seeing any scenes like the one above for awhile. I couldn't figure out what I was seeing at first, then realized the ducks were upending themselves to feed. I am easily amused, as you already know.

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