Sunday, February 03, 2008


Wil has tagged me - wants to know 7 weird or random things about me. You may be sorry you asked! The complete rules of the tag are as follows:

1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Post 7 (weird or random) facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 people and link to them.
5. Comment on their blog to let them know that they have been tagged.

Weird is one of those subjective things. What I think weird you may think normal, and vise versa. So I'll let you guess which of these are weird and which random.
  1. I subscribe to Roadracing World (a motorcycle magazine) and pretty much read it cover to cover. I used to be a biker babe, as the picture shows.
  2. One of my first jobs was clerking in a drug store near the UC-Berkeley campus. Fridays were big days for condom sales. Said condoms were kept behind the counter. We took great delight in watching the young college men squirm getting up the courage to ask for our assistance.
  3. I've lived at 18 different addresses in 4 states.
  4. I've been to Mexico and Canada but nowhere else outside of the continental U. S.
  5. But I dream of going to New Zealand someday. Ireland would be nice too.
  6. It's not so much that I'm not a cat person, as I'm so darned allergic to them. Sometimes just the cat dander on someone's clothes can set me off. And some cats don't bother me much at all. Go figure.
  7. As much as I rail against technology, I am totally addicted to my computer and blogging.

Ok, seven people is a lot to tag. My apologies to anyone who may have already done this or does not participate in this sort of thing. If you decide to do this, great. If not, perhaps some new people will discover your blog:

Valerie at Dyeing 2 Sew

Bernadine at Fabric, Dye and Threads She hasn't posted for awhile, but should. She is a fine artist and I miss seeing and hearing about her work.

Linda at Occasional Jottings

Nikki at Art Quilt Play

Alan at The Adventures of an Eccentric Artist

Sandy at Dangling By A Thread

Wanda at Exuberant Color - one of the most prolific quilters I know!

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