Friday, February 01, 2008

Views Out My Windows

For those keeping track, another 1-1/2 inches fell last night - a pittance. This is the view out my bedroom window - yes, the snow has piled up about a foot above the window sill.

This is looking out the utility room door, across the deck, at the snow piled up outside my studio window. I haven't been able to open this door for over a week.

Here's that same utility room door, taken from the kitchen. That's the escape route off the deck that I so diligently shoveled last night only to have it fill up as you can see.

Here's another shot out the kitchen window. I'm bringing in the reserves tomorrow - someone to help clear some of this out for me. I've met my match! Can barely toss the snow over those banks. And it's heavy as the dickens.

Here's the other door onto the deck. I was amused by the icicles which have to change direction as the snow slides and curls off the roof.

I haven't checked today, but as of last night, the major pass between here and Seattle had been closed 32 out of 36 hours because of avalanche danger and control. Two cars were actually caught in an avalanche, but were dug out safely. We're talking Interstate 90 here. As you can see, I've been dealing with my own avalanche problems!


Nikki said...

Glad to see you're doing ok. I'm so happy I moved in from Cheney this year - they are getting slammed with this.

My dad had bypass surgery yesterday. He's at Sacred Heart and doing very well. Fortunately I've been able to get around ok, but I told my Seattle relatives not to even think about trying to come over here right now.

Try not to wear yourself out too much with shoveling. I'm glad you've got help coming tomorrow.

Exuberant Color said...

Those are pretty neat icicles. Maybe you should do a photo quilt with the best from this storm. An "I survived the winter" type quilt.