Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Just Around The Corner

My surface design list was recently discussing cheesecloth as a resist, something new to me. Wouldn't you know I'd run across another reference to it shortly thereafter. These Easter eggs are dyed, then wrapped in cheesecloth and dabbed again with a different color dye. Click on the picture for a larger view where you can read the instructions.

I have company coming this weekend, so have spent much of the week getting the house presentable. I approach housework the same way I approach most things in my life - put it off until it no long involves a few hours but a few days. It's not so much the cleaning as the picking up and putting away. Stuff sits for as long as it does sometimes because I'm not sure just where to put it. Now that it must be moved, I catch myself using the studio as a dumping grounds (or holding pen) for the stuff I can't make up my mind about. When I have time to be in the studio again, I'll deal with it even if only to relocate it to yet another holding area.

This periodic enforced straightening is a good thing. Some of the stuff, like my crate of painting supplies, actually has someplace besides my kitchen counter to reside. I guess I hope if I leave it out, I'll actually get back to painting sooner than if it goes back into the cupboard, but that's rarely the case. Other things need to sit for awhile for me to see I don't really need them, or to hit upon where they can be stored so as to be accessible, yet not in the way, filed but not so well as to be forgotten. Over time many decisions take care of themselves, especially when I can't for the life of me think why I saved this or that in the first place.


Michele said...

Thanks for posting the easter egg instructions & pic! I may just have to try this. I know exactly what you mean about the cleaning thing; unfortunately, it's been so long since we've had company that the house is a disaster. I may have to throw a party just to force myself to clean :-)

Nikki said...

OK, there's one thing we have in common! You could have been describing me instead of yourself on the housework issue.

And I love those Easter eggs! Makes me want to go dig out the cheesecloth...