Saturday, March 15, 2008

Minor changes

I'm not keen on change. Once I have things set up the way I want them, I seldom want to fiddle with them. So when blogger announced their great new upgrade to make customizing the basic look and content of my blog easier, my initial response was, "No thanks - happy with the way it is - don't have the time to mess with it." But after doing a little research, I agreed that it would be nice to have an easier way to add links to my sidebar, which I have not done for some time. And maybe some of the new additions would be nice. But not if it's going to take me a lot of time.

Today, I felt I had the time to explore it, and there was much less involved than I anticipated. I've only made a few insignificant changes to the look, so it probably is still a "boring old blog" in look. However, I have added Lisa Call to my sidebar, and will assess what else might be of interest to my readers. Would adding a label list link to the sidebar be worthwhile or a distraction?

I like the grouping of the archives much better. I chose a less stark font for my header and changed the color of the post date heading from blue to teal. Big deal. Maybe I'll find a few more tweaks that the casual viewer wouldn't notice, but just like a quilt, I will know what I've done to make it look a bit better.


Lisa said...

Thanks! Love this photo.

The Idaho Beauty said...

You're welcome, Lisa.

It was the way the clouds were hanging about the mountains that drew me to capture this scene. I just never saw sights like this when I lived in the Midwest.