Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Rose Tree Project

This is my good friend LeAnn, taken about 4 years ago. She is holding one of 6 panels she would hand applique as part of a joint project. It began back when I was seriously pursuing antique quilts and their "faithful" reproduction. LeAnn suggested I should write a book. I agreed, but protested that would required making quilts to illustrate it, and I certainly didn't have the time to do that. She offered to make one if I provided her the pattern. Who could pass up an offer like that? So I gave her the choice between two possibilities, and to my surprise, she chose the Rose Tree based on an antique quilt (shown below) owned by my cousin and loaned to me for study.

This spring, LeAnn finished this full size and very faithful reproduction (right down to the hand quilting and trapunto), and entered it in the Heritage Quilt Show in Sun Prairie, WI. It was her idea to convince the organizers to display it along with the original quilt and our story. By all accounts, it created quite a buzz, and to my delight, LeAnn received an Honorable Mention for her efforts. Here it is as it was displayed at the show, antique inspiration folded on a rack in front of it.

So LeAnn has held up her end of the deal. Have I written that book yet? Uh, no...not even a first draft. Although I still love antiques quilts and their reproductions, my personal journey has taken a different route for the moment. However, should you be interested, I will have full-size patterns with complete instructions for making the Rose Tree Quilt available soon. I'll be meeting LeAnn at the retreat this weekend where I hope to pick up professional photos of her reproduction to include with the pattern. If you are interested in placing an order, please e-mail me using the link at the end of the post.

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