Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Vacation Time

I'll soon be boarding the train for my week-long adventure to reconnect with my Midwest friends, some quilters, some not. All my little projects are packed and ready to go, the cell phone is charging, the dog is blissfully snoozing totally unaware that in a few hours I'll be dropping her off at the jail, I mean, the kennel. I don't anticipate having access to a computer while I'm gone, so won't be blogging as I go. And since I moderate all comments, any that get made in the next week probably won't get posted until I return. But trust me, I WILL read them all.

I leave you with a couple of thoughts from an article from American Art Review, "85 Years of the North Shore Arts Association:"

These men and women recognized that art was essential to their growth and personal happiness, and that art was vital to the health of a society...

A defining characteristic of these artists seems to be that they "lived" to paint...

And, in giving advice, Stevens cautioned the would-be artist: "Don't paint to sell. Paint because you can't help it."

Hibbard cautioned his students to "Know nature. Train your eye to see color, not so that you can follow the rules, but so you can experience what happens to light on the subject matter - from gray to sunshine, and in between."

Henri counseled his followers that "Low art is just telling things; as, There is the night. High art gives the feel of the night...Reveal the spirit you have about the thing, not the materials you are going to paint. Reality does not exist in material things. Rather paint the flying spirit of the bird than its feathers."

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