Thursday, June 25, 2009


The clouds looked very strange yesterday.

Wispy and slightly out of focus.

Yes, I know, clouds are supposed to be soft and puffy, but these went beyond that.

And then it all went surreal...

Honestly, this is how they really looked

And I had the strange sense it was my eyes going blurry.

But it was just the clouds.

June is concentrating on clouds at the moment.

She would have had a field day with these.


Fran├žoise said...

Lovely pictures! I like the second one, between the trees.

Chris said...

Alien Clouds...

BC said...

Your sky is really blue!

B Zahn Griffith said...

Sheila, the cloud photos are amazing. I often paint clouds that are whisps, hopefully giving the sense they are being played with by the winds. The sky is a beautiful blue in your world, as well! I also enjoyed the photos of the buildings in WW and your blog about your visit!
Not a cloud in the sky, here today!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks everyone! Francoise - I wonder if I could make a quilted version of the photo you like best - I didn't necessarily want the trees to show in the picture, but after seeing it on the screen, it makes a nice framing.

Chris - Alien clouds indeed. As I sat there watching them blur into something out of a sci-fi movie, I really did start feeling uneasy, like something was truly amiss. A little hard to shake an end-of-the-world sensation.

Bonnie, I sometimes think the great cloud formations I get here are due to them bumping up against the mountain range. And it can be fairly calm on the surface, but it is obvious the winds are indeed playing with the clouds up on their level.