Saturday, March 20, 2010


Thanks for the well wishes - I'm finally feeling better - enough better that I got out the paints this afternoon. I got a request for a padfolio like this one and needed to stamp leaf shapes on more of the batik. Originally, I was using actual birch leaves, but of course there are none to be had this time of the year, so I used some leaf stamps I made from those Styrofoam meat trays. I resurrected some Liquitex acrylic paint, adding some textile medium and just got on with it. Which means I wasn't particularly careful with paint application and I'm not as happy with my results as with the real leaves. But it still gives the effect I was looking for and the leaf shapes will be quilted around.

So of course, I had a tad of a couple colors of paint left, and unwilling to throw anything out, I loaded up a foam brush, taped down the cloth I'm using as a paint wipe and used one of my glue stamps to transfer some marks. The colors are a bit off on the computer, but even so, this will not be the end of this cloth - I'll keep building up the layers as I have opportunity.

With not enough paint left to cover a stamp, there was still a lot of paint in the brush. So I pulled another paint-wipe cloth and just dabbed the brush over it until all the paint was spent. I like what's happening here and think the next step will be to use an ivy stamp with a bit of leftover green paint. I'm not really going for anything specific here - just observing what happens when I use different colors, marks and techniques. Hopefully, at some point the cloth will be usable. Click on any picture for a larger view.

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Cathie said...

I like what I'm seeing here. Isn't it fun to just get out the paint and start stamping and painting on fabric. Some of my most wonderful pieces came out of the rag (piece of torn muslin) I wipe my brush on as I'm painting. I end up making something out of the rag and not the original painting. Keep having fun Idaho!