Saturday, March 06, 2010

Sheridan's Row Robin

Here's the finished row I added to my last row robin challenge. I used to do a lot of embroidery before quilting spirited me away, and it was fun to add blanket stitches, stem stitches, and chain stitches to the applique. I pondered if I'd saved any time fusing rather than doing needleturn - by adding all that blanket stitching, the time spent may have been about the same. But I do like the way it brings out the design.

I didn't like the dark blue as blanket stitch around the purple flowers, nor did I like using the fuchsia around the center flower. Yet they needed a little more definition after blanket stitching in pink and orange respectively. What if I ran the rejected thread under the ladders of the blanket stitching, I pondered. Perfect! So subtle but really punched it up. The center flower, by the way, is actually a quilting motif that I adapted to applique.

And here's the entire top with my row at the bottom. Again, this is only 12 inches wide and includes lots of embroidery and even some dimensional flowers to carry out the owner's theme of "Garden Party." Click on the picture for a larger view of each row.


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This is so cute. Can't wait to see it!! Cindy

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So neat!!