Friday, May 13, 2011

Backhoe Inspiration

Every so often a big piece of equipment shows up on the property and I'm compelled to grab my camera. Not sure why it intrigues me so, but there's always something interesting to frame up. This big backhoe took up residence back in March.

Without much thought, I realized I was looking at negative space as well as angles as I composed some of my shots.

There was so much of interest, and I kept finding kinetic energy in this static object. This one reminds me of a fist slammed into the ground.

The shape of the bucket itself exudes a heaviness.

And these angles give the sense of powerful upward thrust even though they are not moving.

I noticed the rear view mirror and tried lining up a reflection that related to lines in the rest of the composition.

I started isolating other areas - this graceful curve high up.

And these wonderful undulations.

I could see something hanging down, something with a frayed end that I thought was a cable that had torn loose. I was very surprised to find, as I viewed my shots close-up on the computer, it was actually a branch that had caught in the machinery.

This is a closeup of the bucket - I was drawn to the texture, that curve and the numbers. It's saying something to me but I don't know what yet.

And of course, there must be a shot of the metal treads.


Connie Rose said...

The treads are the best part IMO. I have some photos of backhoe treads as well!

Sherrie Spangler said...

My God, who knew there were so many compositions in a backhoe! These are some great shots.