Saturday, May 14, 2011

Backhoe Manipulations

Of all the parts of that backhoe I photographed (see previous post), I found I was most fascinated with the upper arm and its various curved shapes. I definitely was seeing positive and negative shapes, not the parts of a piece of machinery. And so I turned to Corel Paint Shop Pro to quickly help me work with just those shapes.

This is reducing the jpg to 2 colors.

But so is this - I can't remember what option I used within the 2 color filter, but it took it from flat to some shading.

But do you think I could leave it at that? Of course not! This one is 16 color.

This is also 16 color but with windows nearest color option.

Now 256 color windows nearest color option.

Here's a negative image.

And perhaps the strangest one - greyscale with brushstrokes filter.

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