Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Is it Summer Yet?

To be honest, I was totally taken off-guard by word that yesterday was the first day of summer. We have had such a cold and rainy past few months - we haven't even been calling it spring, so how in the heck could summer be here? Well, the weather did turn for it, and today we were flirting with the 80's. After helping hang the ArtWalk Exhibit, I couldn't resist taking a slight detour to the city beach to enjoy the view and the warm sun - and I was not alone. The lake levels peaked back on June 17th but remain high. Typically one could sit on this cement pier and dangle one's legs over the edge and maybe get your feet wet.

Today it's a good spot for a little fishing.

Brr, brr, brr. I don't care what the air temperature is, the average surface temperature of the water right now is about 62 degrees. But that didn't stop plenty of younger folk from getting in the water.

Others took to kayaks.

And some to boats...all with a backdrop of still snow-clad mountains.

And while I was staring off into space, I noticed the clouds had that surreal soft edge to them.

I'm so glad I did this before heading home for lunch. By late afternoon, the clouds had already started moving in for the next round of showers, and our temps will be back in the 60's for another week. :-(


Sherrie Spangler said...

We had the same weather pattern here: A miraculous summer day for the solstice, then the clouds moved back in today and temps are falling. Everyone is joking that that was our summer for the year.

Amanda said...

We had summer in April and May over here and it's supposed to be making a return from Sunday. At least we've had water in-between. The words Spring and Summer are just that, words we label things with. Mother knows when she wants things to grow. lol.