Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ArtWalk Again

We are well over the average for rainfall this month, day after day of overcast and rain - sometimes just energy-sapping drizzle, sometimes out and out downpours. I realized that everything looked a much richer green than I'm used to, a Seattle-strength green. And when the sun did deem to come out, the saturation of the green really showed itself.
I take it as a sign of maturity that I have learned to recognize when a goal cannot be met and accept without guilt that I cannot keep a commitment. Something came up last week that made it impossible for me to finish Masks in time for this year's ArtWalk. Even if life had not intervened, I think there was much more to add to it than time left. So I fessed up with my coordinator and she graciously suggested I just put in old work. Since my last new work went up in my solo show which I'm assuming many did not see, those are the pieces that will now represent me in ArtWalk. That would be my Palouse Hills pieces here and here. There will be time later to finish Masks, and other exhibits to show it in. Until then, I have a more important obligation.

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