Friday, June 22, 2012

Off To See The Wizard

The creative journey is about to take off in a slightly different direction. My good friend and fiber artist, Judi, is on her way for testing and treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, and I am not far behind her. We suspected this was coming but thought we'd have more lead-time to prepare and get out there. This is why all work on Masks suddenly stopped. This is the higher priority, making all the arrangements and deciding what to take so that I can serve as her support person while in Minnesota.  We anticipate about a 6 week stay, much shorter than we originally thought, and if all goes well, if the Wizard is successful, we'll be driving back to the Pacific Northwest together by the first of August.

I've found another friend to keep me company and share the driving on the trip out. I've packed some applique projects, some knitting, a sketchbook and lots of reading, not really knowing, but anticipating I'll be doing a lot of sitting and waiting so will want something to keep my hands busy or my mind distracted. I did say at the start of the year I wanted to do more handwork, so I guess this plays right into that plan, although the projects I'll be taking have little to do with my art quilting. It will be nice to allow them to slip up the priority list. Ditto with the knitting and the sketching.

This will also give me a chance to put the laptop to the use I intended when I rationalized buying it last year. I am of an age that still equates travel with being cut off from everything associated with one's daily life. How much easier this trip has been to plan on short notice because of the internet where one can research accommodations, make reservations, access banking, bills and bill paying all on line, send info back and forth via e-mail, and not just from home. Once on the road, I'll be able to keep up my blog, play with my photos, check up on friends and family through Facebook and their blogs, maybe even watch some of my favorite shows I'd otherwise be missing. Guess I have to take back all the less than favorable things I think about this sometimes over-connected world.

So the creative journey has hit a bump in the road, and it would be easy to say it will be on hold until I get back. Yet every experience, even trying ones, can lead one a little farther down the road. New scenery, new people, new environment, and lots of time with my friend. I may not do much with it while living through it but you never know, and it can't help but shape what will come next. 

Judi & me on a 2008 road trip


Cathie said...

What a true and good friend you are - a once in a lifetime gem.
I know your presence will bring her comfort and relief. Enjoy your weeks "unplugged" from the grind of daily life - and appreciate the road ahead - wherever it may lead and whatever it may bring.

Connie Rose said...

Best of luck to Judi, and may you have wonderful adventures during your supporting her.

Sherrie Spangler said...

Your creative journey hasn't hit a bump -- it's going off in a whole new direction, and the road is wide open! Safe travels.