Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Trip Out - Final Leg

We started the day with optimism - this was a short one, only about 4 hours to our destination of Rochester. So we treated ourselves to a leisurely morning before hitting the road again. It wasn't long until we saw the familiar shape designating the state of Minnesota welcoming us.

Lots of windmills on the horizon - these weren't here when I left 6 year ago, or at least I don't think they were. Surely not when I first came out on this interstate to Wisconsin back in 1992. Boy, this country is too flat for me.

We needed lunch before hitting Rochester so once again, hopped off the interstate at a little town called Blue Earth and found another family style restaurant with good basic food and the best, good-natured waitress. I knew for sure I was in Minnesota now!

And I knew she'd be willing to get a picture of Suzanne and me, so after she went to put in our orders, I told Suzanne to come sit next to me in the booth in preparation. When the waitress came back, she looked at us and said, "Oh, how cute!" at which I quickly had to explain that we were only cozying up for a picture. Oh did she laugh, let me take the one of her and snapped this of us. Then it was off again for Rochester.

We made one last stop at a rest stop that had this lovely blessing sign - kind of appropriate considering the reason for my trip. Click to see a larger, readable version. We arrived in Rochester and our home for the next few days, the Kahler Grand Hotel, late in the afternoon.

And here's the reason for my 4 day trip from Idaho to Minnesota - my good friend and art quilter, Judi. She'd flown out with her husband to begin the orientation and testing process at the Mayo Clinic here in Rochester so had arrived Sunday. My arrival was timed for Tuesday to be ready to step in after her husband flew back home on Wednesday. Mission accomplished!

That evening we all went out to dinner at Mac's, just a leisurely block stroll from the hotel to Peace Plaza. "Out" is an appropriate description, as Mac's has outdoor seating next to the Peace Fountain, and it was such a lovely evening that we did eat outside. The fountain, by the way, has doves representing all 50 states and 7 continents.

Judi and her husband Curt. After dinner we strolled the public areas around the hotel which are part of the Mayo Clinic campus. I'll share photos of the inspirational art and architecture in the next post.

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